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Hello hello again~ It's getting to really feel like spring outside here where I am. * o * It's AMAZING! Spring and the fall are my two favorite seasons. The weather is always moderate in temperature and the plants and trees look so pretty. * 3 * And SL seems to be suffering from spring fever too! So many spring themed events are popping up left and right! Although the event I'm covering today is not a spring themed event many of the outfits I saw where spring-like in nature~<3 Japan fair started on the 5th of this month and only goes to the 20th! So you're running out of time!! D: Hurry go check it out!!! AHHHHH! -insert coffee fueled sense of urgency here-'s what I picked up from the event! Enjoy~<3

Ok so you guys should know the drill by now.....but for the last time (I PROMISE ; A ;) I'm only listing what you can get at the fair. <3

  1. Blouse and Skirt combo: Sweet Blouse 'Vanilla'- Ivory set by *G Field*. This cute outfit also has a black and white version. The best thing about this wonderful product is that it comes with a flat chested version. :O You rarely see that in rigged mesh clothes. I love *G Field* to begin with~<3 
  2. Shoes: Short Boots (rigged-mesh version) in Camel by S@BBiA::. You can buy these cute little boots in just one color or if you can't make up your mind like me, you can also buy the color change pack. It includes one rigged mesh pair and one un-rigged mesh pair, plus the color change HUD. It was a great buy!
  3. Shoulder Bag: Straw Shoulder bag in brown? by S@BBiA::. This bag comes with one rigged version and one un-rigged version, plus color change HUD. So basically you get one really cute bag in all the colors for one low price! What a steal! 

Well that's it~! There was a lot there, these are just my favorite pieces that I got! Like I said you're running out of time so head on over there before the 20th! Theres so much neat stuff!!
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