Caxy Cax
Well I finally was able to get into KUSTOM9 yesterday....with all the new updates with SL and Firestorm the lag as been horrible for me! But I got it fixed and finally skipped over to KUSTOM9 to snag some goodies. Now most of the things I wanted where rigged mesh and for female if you're a girly or a drag queen<3!!! I'd head over there and check it out!! Now on to my finds! <3

Here we have the full outfit! I'll list all the things from KUSTOM9 below! If you ever wanna know what else I'm wearing shoot me an IM in SL. User name is just Caxy. I'd be more than willing to share. :D
Here are the few things that I liked and could actually use. XD Not a lot, sorry fellow femboys <.3 ; 3 ;

  1. Backpack: Kawaii-Star PackPack in SherbertxSliver by .tsg. This cute pack comes in a large range of colors. With each color you get four options. ^^ Sliver and Gold metal and with or without the monogram for each metal choice! My favorite buy of the trip. |D
  2. Skirt (bottom left): Polly+Skirty in Coolmint by *VinCue. Gotta love everything mint |D This skirt is high waisted. <3
  3. Skirt (bottom right): Flared skirt in Yellow by [MotiAme]. Another high waisted adorable skirt. These skirts also have matching blouses that where HELLA cute. I wanted it ; 3 ; but it was rigged. <.3 
  4. Sandals: T-Strap Platform Sandals in Pink by .Renegade.. These sandals are for SLink Medium feet only! Please keep that in mind~<3

There ya have it! My few yet very cute finds from KUSTOM9. It's gonna end soon so get down there! <3<3<3
Caxy Cax
Hello hello hello~! 
It's been an EXTREMELY long time since my last post....what was it...? Around Christmas...? YIKES! Talk about neglect! XD; But I'm baaaack! I just recently moved in with my hubby and things are going super! I have some time now that I'm not in a management position, so that means more time for this blog! Tonight's post is about the RMK Gothic bunny hunt! My personal favorite finds from it at least. Since a looooot of it was mesh...and not the fitted mesh....WHICH IM SO EXCITED ABOUT OMGCUSITCANGOFLAT!!!!!! AUGHUUUUU~! > 3 <!!!! *cough* Anyway! PICS!

Look #1:

Now this look was tricky.....I had to recreate the original prize. That was fun @ n @; I'll explain with the next picture. Also the elephant this cutie is sitting on is the prize for DownDownDown. It comes with two rezzable versions and a holdable one. :D

Ok so, see the small image in the bottom left? That's the original prize from RMK. It's mesh and so I couldn't wear....but it's SOOOO CUTE! ; A ; So I took it upon myself to make a femboy/young boy version using bits and pieces from the original. Now normally I don't list what I'm wearing but for this particular image I will. 
RMK Prize Remake:
  1. Top: Lolita blouse(in white) by Violent Seduction
  2. Vest: I had to make this myself using a template off the marketplace. If you want a copy IM me in SL. I'll charge a low 2L few since I can't just give it away for free.
  3. Bloomers: Bloomers (TINTED!!!! SHE DOES NOT SELL THIS EXACT COLOR!!!) by Violent Seduction
  4. Bow(head), Stockings, Collar,: These are all from the original RMK prize. :3
  5. Teapot and Top hat: RMK Bunny hunt prize by Caco's Greenhouse
  6. Shoes: Theater Chain prize 1 of 2. (You also get a hair with their prize ticket.)
Look #2 (Exposed male chest warning):
|D Sexy fox is sexy. Details on outfit below! <3
Again the original of one of these items was a mesh dress by one of my favorite stores in SL ***Ambrosia***
RMK Look #2 prizes:
  1. Panties: Playing Card panties by chocolate Atelier. This comes with a matching bra, a blue version and Phat Azz appliers. 
  2. Pocket watch (which sadly you can barely see but is STUNNING): Alexander's Pocket watch by [ni.ju]. Has three versions; one with hold script, one without, and one to rezz.
  3. Top hat, chocker, and garter: Princess of Heart by ***Ambrosia***. Again this came with a friggen stunning mesh dress that I couldn't! Turned it into a lingerie look;;;
And one last little pick for ya'll!
The little tea set you see here is the prize from {poptart} It's really cute so I was really happy when I got that ticket for it! XD Here you can see the DDD elephants better too! <3 Well that's all for tonight! I would strongly suggest doing this hunt. It's not an easy one and really frustrating at times but after it was all done and over with I had a really good time. ^^ It ends on the 31st so GET TO IT~! <3