Caxy Cax

Hey again all! <3 Hope everyone had a good holiday! Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? X3 I don't know about ya'll but I hate the cold....but I love the snow. Is that weird? XD But seriously....what's more fun than spending a snowy afternoon baking cookies and spending time with friends and family? Me personally loooves cooking with the hubby....we've only done it a few times but they where so fun and I can't wait till we can have more cooking adventures. A few days ago a couple of friends of mine took over my kitchen for a cute little photoshoot. The main reason for the shoot was for Chobii to show off a seasonal dress by katat0nik and new hair from Rosy Mood, that I couldn't wear due to mesh ; u ;. BUT I COULD WEAR THE SHOES AND MAN DID I! >:D Sadly I couldn't get a group pic of everyone in the shoot but you can see it on Chobii's blog! <3

This beautiful set was done by the talented Chobii. Her decorating skills are so amazing. She makes the cutest sets....I just had to take a picture of it to share with ya'll. She got most of the stuff shown from The Arcade. ALL THE GATCHAS! <3

Here's my actual look for the shoot. As I said above I couldn't wear the cute dress. So I tried my best to find a good replacement....and lucky me I found something fairly close. This dress is actually a child's dress....thus being has not boobs....and it's mesh. |D 
Caxy Cax
Hello all and happy holidays! Christmas is tomorrow for those who celebrate it. ^ ^ I wanted to do a little something for it. Do ya'll remember the classic clay-mation movie Rudolfph the red nose reindeer? And remember the snowman that narrated the whole movie? LOL I do....I loved that movie and I still do. Well this look is based off the song Sliver and Gold. Enjoy! <3!

I've been playing around with different lighting lately....trying to make better lookin' pictures~ :'D Still Takin' with the ChouChou hud. * o *