So I'm like REAAAALLLY board and don't really have much going on that I can blog about. So I thought hey....why don't I tell everyone about some femboy friendly skins. There are a lot out there....but I'm gonna give you a few examples of my top favs. <3

 Staring at the top here we have Baby in Tone B by The Sugar Garden. .tsg. makes their flat chest appliers in all of their normal skin tones. I'm not sure if Vampy Tone has the flat chest yet. Also SLink appliers are for sale there as well! <3
 Next we have Sora-Flushed in Peach by Pink Fuel! I.....forgot to put undies on this one sorry ya'll ; 3 ;!  Pink Fuel offers their Flat Chest Appliers in two boi body types which I'll show more below. Sora is a new skin and is being offered in some very differently adorable tones as of right now.
 Here we have Harley in Vanilla by Pink Fuel again! Also I forgot to mention Pink Fuel also sells appliers for SLink hands and feet. <3 In the top right corner is the regular Boi tattoo applier then the one directly below is the athletic one. Hnnnn that detail no? |D
And lastly we have Eun-Seo in Tone X also by The Sugar garden. This was the most recent release. Friggen cute! <3 
*Helpful advice: Some of Pink Fuel's and all of .tsg.'s skins still have the lady parts drawn on the skin. They where intended for use by WOMEN. Demo the skins first before going MUST HAVE and not liking what you see. Just cover up with some cute undies and you're good to go! Or ignore it like I do cus I just love these two designers soooo much! * 3 *

Also if you're looking for something a little more boyish or more defined muscles, I'd check out :::Dimbula Rose::: or [Gauze]!
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