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Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. :o Just being polite~
So a LOOOOT of different sims are doing egg hunts! WOO! The one I did was the Ozimals one! It's only got till the 23rd till it's OVER! So get to hunting! NOW >:O!
Lots of really great designers are giving out prizes there. Get a group going! It's really freaking fun. Like legit! 
Lemme show ya'll my goodies! Just a taste kay'? = 3 =

 A little decor shot for ya guys to start with! <3 See those little burds? Like em? Well they are by ~silentsparrow~! Two pair of burds (one girl, one boy) comes in a set, giving you three sets you need to find. How about those matching egg-ccessories? :D;; Well those are suppose to match with the Burds. These are by Schadenfreude! Again these cuties also come two to set with three sets total! And the furniture? The three prizes from [PM] Pixel Mode!
SL did not want to work with me today ; x ; Sorry for the dark quality. RAINBOW SNIFFING! Is the name of the face tattoo. One of three prizes from Fallen Gods Inc.! This one just happened to be my fav.....hmmm I wonder why...? > 3 >;;  Lastly we have two stunning rustic painted bangles by + Half Deer + <3<3<3<3<3!
Once again ladies and only have till the 23rd to get this hunt done! 

Also I want to do ONE more shout out, A good SL frand of mine just started blogging! :D She's super cute so GO FOLLOW HER! Everyone say HAI to Valkyria~<3! She's only got one post right now but theres more to come! So look forward to it! Buh bye for now! <3
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