Caxy Cax
One word to discribe Violent Seduction...HNNNNG! All of the creator's work is 100% original. No templates or anything. What does that mean for you? You get a STUNNING piece of clothing that you will find nowhere else. One of the things I really love about VS is that I can actually wear a couple of her lovely mesh dresses because they use under-bust corsets! YAY! So those are the ones I'll be showing you today~! Plus a little about some blouses and bloomers! |D

Outfit #1 Criminal:
Criminal is one of the newest dresses released by Violent Seduction. I loooove the mob-boss theme of it. Super cute! It's a super versetile dress. Like seriously you could make at least four different looks. I could have used the top that came with this dress but I decided against it. I used one of her Lolita Blouses instead. The OCs I used as models in these pictures are fox triplets. This one is Lenn = 3 = Once again I used the Chouchou cinematic hud. |D

Outfit #2 Versailles:
Versailles is my second item i've purchased from Violent Seduction. I was very excited that I could actually wear this dress. Once again it uses an under-bust corset and once again I paired it with her Lolita Blouses. Long sleeves this time! :D The scepter you see this fox (Sage) holding is from the gatchas in the Violent Seduction main store! 35L a play! |D

Outfit #3 Blouse and Bloomer combo:
I loooove bloomers. When I found these mesh bloomers I just about died. All I could think was OMG THANK YOU ; A ; They come in a lot of different colors and the are just too cute!. They go really good with the lolita blouses. About those blouses....they too come in a huge range of colors. They also have two sleeve types. Rigged mesh long sleeves and un-rigged mesh short sleeves. It ALSO comes with two bow types. Also one rigged and one un-rigged. They can be easily mixed and matched too! The corset you see in this photo is from the Criminal dress. = 3 = Oh! And this fox is Fey. :D

Caxy Cax

Ahhh~ ***Ambrosia*** |D One of my all time favorite stores. I ADORE their stuff. It's beautiful and cheap! How can you beat that? It's not just lolita either! The owner of the store has a vast genre of clothing. It's really really great. I just want to give them all my money! ; u ; I would have loved to show you all her looks but she has a good number of mesh items that unfortunately I can't wear. CURSE YOU MESH!!! I LOVE AND HATE YOU ALL AT THE SAME TIME! ; A ; But those who have bewbs so totally check it out! All of the stuff there is adorable! But enough talky more showy yes~? 
= 3 =

Look #1 Rose Corset Dress [Purple]:
Dress is modeled by one of my lovely demon characters named Rin = 3 =. This dress here is actually comes with a mesh corset not shown above. Since it's mesh I can't wear it. So I went with an under-bust corset by SUGAR. The hair piece is from a G Field dress. The blouse is by Ambrosia though and it's friggen adorable! I re-sized the skirt to make it just above the knee for a more lolita style look. It comes much shorter than what I made it.

Look #2 Alice Dress [Green]:
By the way all these photos where taken by the ChouChou Cinematic Hud. I'm obsessed with Chouchou. Enjoyed listening to her lovely voice while taking these photos. |D Anyway these next three looks are modeled by my super adorable character Shido...a feline hybrid. <3 When I saw this came in a mint color I died. I had to get it and play with it. HAD TOO! The hat is from Ambrosia's Alice Hat gatchas. Spent so much L trying to get it in this style and in this color. XD The shoes are from Wishbox. <3

Look #3 Coat Dress [Glencheck]:
This is proving to be the longest blog post EVER! Sorry guys;;; <3 This dress here is super cute. LOVE coat dresses. The hat is also from the Alice Hat gatchas!

Look#4 (FINAL LOOK) For Lovers [White]:
This has to be my favorite look out of all of them. When I first bought this dress I was VERY iffy about it.....I am not any more! I went with a Hime Lolita style look here. The shoes are from G Field and the crown and scepter are from a gatchapon at the Violent Seduction store. SPENT SO MUCH L ON THAT ONE TOO LEMME TELL YOU!;;;
Caxy Cax
Wow....I have blogged anything since.....a long time. :D My bad. For those who actually know me they know I have a large collection of different avatars in Second Life. Human, Furry, and ferals. :D I have all the name brand ones....expect the Water Horse. You see I thought they only did horses. :O WELL NOT ANY MORE! They just recently released the Mesh Wolf! Customizing is fairly easy and more and more people are making more interesting textures for it. :D Overall I give it a thumbs up. The shape is super realistic and the animations are really cute! It comes with three different head shapes, leg sizes, and body sizes. If you are a fan of feral/animal avatars totally check it out! It's worth the money you'll put into it~<3

Here's what I came up with. At the Water Horse main store they have these Spirit Wolf markings that where just too cute to pass up. I decided to go with a chocolate mint theme. :D I added some Honey Kitty bows for added cuteness. :D