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So I'm sure almost everyone out there has heard of <UTILIZATOR>'s Avatar 2.0. I've always wanted it....but it was female only a little while back. I've heard rumors of there being an update with different chest sizes and what not but I kinda got distracted and forgot ALL about it. Well the update's been released! So now us femboys out there can have a curvy little mesh body to play with! YAY! This is kinda a quadruple store shout out! <3 I'm not a popular blogger and nor do I blog for any set stores...but I do like to throw out shout outs to lots of different creators cus they are just THAT awesome! <3<3<3<3

Special thanks to: <UTILIZATOR> (for making the Avatar 2.0 and all the clothing bases you'll see in my photos <3), Chus! (for making the friggen ADORABLE eyes I'm wearing in the shots), [LCKY] (I used their hair in the three shots of the avatar. Their rigged mesh hairs worked on the default 2.0 head with absolutely NO issues. Plus they are super cute! Do I need to say anything else? XD <3), and finally [ma ko pa]! <3 When I bought the Avatar 2.0 I instantly started the hunt for skin mods. I was instantly drawn to [ma ko pa]'s marketplace store. Their Femboy Skin Mods are SO cute and well made! They have all the skin mods to match the skin preset of <UTILIZATOR>'s M3 Mesh Anime Head and Default 2.0 head. They also offer two different nipple sizes aside from the default one (small and medium, I went with small <3) as well as less defined muscle tones! Oh and did I mention they also work with the U&A mesh male body? AND WAIT THERE'S MORE! Included in your purchase is a note card with instructions on how to texture the RUT Joystick(I won't go into detail about what this is due to it being of mature content. TRYING TO KEEP IT SOMEWHAT CLEAN HERE! XD Just search it in the SL Marketplace and you'll find it no problem!) to match your favorite skin! Aside from skin mods they offer clothing mods for some of <UTILIZATOR>'s clothing for the 2.0, which I'll be sharing two of today (one being a group gift) and a bracelet texture!

Here we have the Light2 Skin mod! <3 When modding this don't freak out when you don't see much of a change. The only changes you'll actually see are in the torso area. When you buy the 2.0 this is it's default skin tone.
This is the Med2 Skin mod! Just to let you guys know before anyone goes to the creator going HOW COME THIS ISN'T TEXTURING THE HEAD?!!?!?!?!?!? It's because it's a BODY TEXTURE ONLY! If you unbox your -Bonus Items- box in the Avatar 2.0 folder you'll find other skin tones with head textures! Please read all your instructions carefully before contacting a creator with a issue that could easily be solved by reading note cards included with your purchases. :O 
And finally this one is the Dark2 Skin mod <3! The texture of this shirt was a group gift <3!

All of these designers and creators make some really awesome stuff! So check them out! They all have something to offer for all walks of life. <3 
Special shout out to all other designers who's products I also used in these photos: + Half Deer +[][]Trap[][].::Kre-ations::./Cubic Cherries, [Ni.Ju] and .::POMF::.
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