Caxy Cax
Hello everyone. Doing the RMK halloween event. Imma blog this recipe. Not feeling too chatty tonight so....heres the recipe. o 3 o

Chonmage imo
  • Sugar
  • Potato
  • Sesame
Caxy Cax
Hello~! How are you~! (Quoting a song there |D) A few days ago I decided to take my dear friend Chobii's advice and check out the Candy Fair 2013 with her! I had went the night before but missed a lot of the better stores. Oh man it was a blast. Shopping with Cho is always a blast though! <3 Anyway I decided to throw together everything I bought there into one outfit. LOL;;; It's....uh....different. :D;;

Aren't these frames cute? I found them on DA....I can't give her exact credit due to no longer having an account. But I'll give ya'll a link :D !
Here's me and Cho being goofs! These outfits are the most outrageous I've ever made. XD I LOVE EM'! Chobii made the background herself it was so cute I loved it so hard. XD If you like what Chobii is wearing and would like to find out for can find her blog off to the side of my page~! I would list all the items used but there are just SOOOO many. All of the items can be found at Candy Fair. Only the hair, wings, and tail are from outside sources. WHICH I WILL LIST BELOW! <3

  • Hair- ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Lulu[4]
  • Wings- Schadenfreude Mannequiel Wings (I tinted them red~)
  • Tail- <3 Jeza White Horse Tail

Well~ That's all for today! See ya'll next time! <3

Love, Caxy <3!

Caxy Cax

Hello again~! I was going through my massive inventory when I noticed the ***Ambrosia*** section I've made. Then I remembered OH HEY! THEY ARE DOING THEIR SUPER CUTE HALLOWEEN HUNT! So I felt like sharing what I threw together with the creators uber cute prizes. |D With Halloween just right around the corner I figured it would fitting~<3

  • Blouse- ***Ambrosia*** Bow Tie Blouse Top[Halloween black]
  • Skirt- ***Ambrosia*** Bow Tie Dress[Black chic rose] Also with this skirt I re-colored the lace trim at the bottom to match the blouse. :D
  • Tights & Head Accessory- ***Ambrosia***Halloween Bat hair accessory&stockings
  • Shoes- *katat0nik* Aya Wedge (candy orange)
  • Hair- Magika Awake[3]
Caxy Cax

Name's Caxy~ How do you do? I decided to follow some of my fellow lolita lady friends and make a blog of all my odd/adorable/creepy/whatever you feel like describing it as outfits. In SL I play with many types of Avatars from furry to human and everything in between! All of my avatars are of OCs (original characters). Now before you ask....yes I am male~<3! A true brolita as some call it. :D Or femboy works too. Hehe~ I fell in love with the lolita fashion many, many years long ago I've forgotten how long ago. :3 I enjoy the many sub-styles of the fashion. There's one for every mood out there! It's great! Well that's all I have for you at the moment~ Stay tuned! 

Caxy <3