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Hey hey, I took a small break from the blogie scene for a bit to wrap my head around some stuff and to spend time with my husband. He had FOUR days off and it was fantastic. But I'm back with coverage of a new event that opened up a little while ago. *{ TheSeasonsStory }* was the name. I'm not sure when it closes sadly but it's still open as of now so don't fret! It took me spam teleporting just to get in the first time I went. The first time I went I was less than impressed (probably due to the energy I had put in just to get IN to the event), but my second time in I went there with a totally different mindset and found a lot of really great stuff! So check it out~!

 What better way to celebrate spring then to use a wood nymph for your pics? |D <3

My finds~

  1. Hoodie: Bunny Bomber in MintxPink by .tsg.
  2. Bag: Meimei Satchel Gatcha in D Floral (RARE) by /XIA/
  3. Flower: Romantic Bouquet Gatcha in Packing 1 by VCO
  4. Nails: #S004 Fleur in blue? by *CaNDy NaiL* (PLEASE NOTE! THIS NAILS ARE FOR SLINK HANDS ONLY!!!!)
  5. Floral Headband: Pimflette Elegance (customized via HUD-included in box) by . a i s l i n g.
  6. Small Flower Choker (Not the red one but the yellow one underneath it): Spring Flowers Choker in Light Petals by [Buzz]
  7. Lip Gloss: Acacia Lip in Coral NT by *(OO)*YUKI
  8. Flower Leg Tattoo: Haru Haru Set in Daisy 1 by NEO**
Well that's all I have y'all for now! Go check out *{ TheSeasonsStory }* before it ends!

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